Technology Strategy

We help organisations use technology to transform how they operate and provide better services to customers 

Our Approach

Technology can be both an accelerator and a barrier to business growth and the delivery of products and services to customers. Our teams help organisations;

  • To understand their technology landscapes and understand the gaps that need to solved to deliver their business plan,

  • Evaluate how new technologies such as artificial intelligence can provide their organisations with tangible benefits,

  • How to improve how technology is organised and delivered in the business to ensure the technology team are responsive and value for money. 

Our Services

Our experienced consultants can help you improve your technology landscape through;



Development of a clear baseline of the organisations current applications, data, infrastructure, organisation, processes, projects and technology costs.


Development of the future design of applications, data, infrastructure, technology organisation required too deliver the organisations strategy.


Mobilisation of quick win and foundational projects, often including recruitment of additional staff and coordination of suppliers.

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients


Government: Developing a technology strategy to deliver digital services business and citizen  

Our UK Government client provided advisory services and information to businesses and citizens through manual processes and site visits. Our team developed a strategy to transform the operations of the organisation and deliver these digital channels. 

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Andy Weller

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Retail: Developing a Technology Strategy to support business growth

Our UK high street retail client had an ambitious growth plan. Our team developed a technology strategy that supported the 5-year business plan and enabled funding for growth.  The strategy detailed the new digital products that would be launched, optimisation of suppliers and redesign of the IT organisation. 

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Andy Weller