Technology Roadmap

We help organisations build investment roadmaps, prioritising to focus on those programmes and projects that will deliver tangible strategic outcomes

Our Approach

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

Technology offers almost endless opportunities to improve the way an organisation operates. Potential programmes, projects and product features always exceed the funding and resources within an organisation. A strategy or business plan requires specific outcomes to be achieved over 3-5 years, but the operating environment changes rapidly and immediate priorities need to be addressed as well. 

Our team are experts in building clear strategic roadmaps that balance strategic outcomes and can be flexed to balance short and long term objectives whilst keeping with financial and risk boundaries. 

Our Services

Our experienced consultants can help you maximise your investment in technology through;



Development of multiyear roadmaps detailing the prioritised programmes and projects required to deliver the digital or technology strategy.




Progress reporting on delivering the Roadmap via our Programme Management Office team.



Design and mobilisation of governance forums that improve communication and prioritisation decisions between business and technology teams.

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Government: Developing a national technology roadmap to improve digital services to citizens and businesses

Our team advised on the design of a 4-year technology roadmap to improve digital services across government. The roadmap detailed the programmes and projects to be delivered had a value in excess of $1bn.

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Andy Weller

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Retail: Development of a technology roadmap to support the value creation plan 

Our retail client wanted to dramatically grow its business for over 4 years. We built a technology roadmap that detailed the projects and investment required to achieve their revenue ambitions. Our team also mobilised quick-win projects.

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Andy Weller