Technology Due Diligence

We help Private Equity investors evaluate both the value and risks associated with the technology platforms and teams in target businesses

Our Approach

We help investors answer key investment questions about target acquisitions, including;​

  • Is the technology strategy clear and aligned with the business plan?​

  • Will the technology platform and team scale to planned levels of growth?​

  • Have compliance requirements and industry standards been met?​

  • What are the key risks to growth?

  • Can the adoption of new technology create additional value?

Our Services

Our experienced consultants can help identify value in position acquisition through;




Our Technology Due Diligence framework is comprehensive, with five defined areas of evaluation. Each area has multiple, detailed Diagnostic Areas where we evaluate the businesses technology maturity and performance against industry key performance indicators.




Development of a prioritised and validated action plan with the key activities required to address any findings of a Due Diligence review. We can develop a costed plan for the next  12-48 months, using costs based on the relevant geography and service quality required. 

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

Image by Carlos Muza

Data Provider: Technical Due Diligence to identify additional value within the data product

This pre-acquisition target provided data products to major companies globally. Our team undertook a Technology Due Diligence to evaluate how the technology platform could scale and identify if additional value could be identified in the underlying data product. 

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More Information: 

Andy Weller


Healthcare: Technical Due Diligence to evaluate the health of the digital products

The pre-acquisition target provided digital healthcare services in Asia and was looking to rapidly expand to other geographies. Our team evaluated the full technology platform and team to identify how both could scale to deliver planned revenue targets. 

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More Information: 

Andy Weller