Optimising technology costs

We are experts in helping business reduce their technology costs through better consumption management and improved use of technology

Cost optimisation opportunities are often significant 

Determining the levels of savings possible is the first step and organisations can frequently identify savings that would reduce technology costs by 10-20%. We have a cost assessment approach which uses benchmarking and financial analysis to identify the range of savings possible.  

This cost assessment approach prioritises the cost reduction opportunities based on the level of saving, complexity and cost. This enables a cost-saving target to be established that is realistic and based on known opportunities. 

Establishing Consumption Management is the first critical step

Helping business managers understand the true cost of the technology services they consume, empowers staff to start evaluating which services they no longer require or can consume in lower volumes. Better management of existing resources is often overlooked but is one of the fastest and most practical interventions that can be undertaken.  

Proactive implementation of cost reduction opportunities is key​

To deliver large scale cost optimisation a complete set of technical, sourcing and management interventions needs to be developed including;

  • Reviewing and rationalisation low utilisation technology resources. 

  • Identify lower-cost technology or services levels alternatives to provide technology users with realistic options that better match user need versus technology cost preferences.

However, whilst the identified opportunities remain only on paper, the business is incurring a cost. Speed is key. A prioritised roadmap should be developed to enable parallel implementation of identified opportunities and ensure dialogue with vendors and staff are coordinated. 

Our Services

Our experienced consultants can help optimise cost in your organisation through;


Key Insights

Set a clear cost reduction target based on opportunity analysis

Target quick wins through resources with low utilisation

Evaluate high-cost technologies for lower cost options 



Developing a clear baseline of total cost and utilisation metrics against each technology service.



Transition and technical redesign of services to use lower-cost technology options or drive higher utilisation of resources.


Establishment of management controls and processes to actively reduce consumption and eliminate poorly utilised resource. 

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

Image by Markus Spiske

Financial Services:  Reduce technology costs by 20% through better management

Our client had a massive, high-cost global technology landscape over 6 business units. Our team identified how this cost could be reduced through improved consumption management and technology rationalisation.

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More Information: 

Andy Weller

Cargo Shipping Containers

Logistics: Application Rationalisation to reduce technology cost

Our client served over 200 countries and operated a global technology organisation which was complex and high cost. Our team identified how this could be reduced by more than 20% though technology rationalisation. 

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More Information: 

Andy Weller