Scaling digital channels to meet customer demand

Digital Platforms need to be engineered from the ground up to enable flexible scaling at an affordable cost 

Making Technology Decisions to Enable Scaling

Every ​business sets out to build a flexible digital platform, but often after implementation organisations find that operating costs are higher than planned, new functionality demanded by customers cannot easily be delivered or changes are complex and time-consuming to implement. Over time these digital platforms become a barrier to business growth. 

To avoid these barriers, we help businesses to select the right technology that will support their business strategy and the planned level of revenue growth. This starts a conversation around balancing the technology capability required to deliver the revenue targets at the right technology cost point.

Secondly, we help businesses establish design governance processes that help them avoid the pitfalls of making technology decisions on individual projects or product features that create complexity and a barrier to growth later on.

Selecting the right cloud infrastructure

The adoption of cloud technology to support flexible infrastructure provision is well advanced. Selecting the right provider to meet your technology needs, be able to support geographic expansion and at the right price point throughout a businesses growth is critical. Often businesses forget about the geographic constraints of individual providers which can cause complexity later on.

We often find that business have wholeheartedly adopted cloud services and as the provisioning of infrastructure is so easy, technology costs are rapidly increasing as the business scales. At this point implementing consumption management processes and undertaking a cost optimisation review enables organisations to stop spiralling costs. 

Assessing the regulatory impact of scaling 

With an increasing global focus on data privacy, expansion of new digital platforms into new territories is now more complex. Businesses need to review their approach to data collection, consent and storage. Specific sectors may also have additional local regulation and industry standards that digital channels need to be customised to adopt.

Ensure software engineering choices  can scale to planned revenue targets

Select infrastructure that can flexibly scale  at the right cost points

Understand the regulatory impacts on digital platforms when targeting new geographies

Our Services

Our team work with businesses to assess and scale digital platforms.  We provide the following services;


Technical design and product selection of digital platforms to ensure scalability. 


Assessment of existing digital platforms to assess scalability potential or address stability / performance issues.


Assessment of GDPR compliance and technology implementation of controls. 

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

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Retail: Scaling e-commerce platforms through cloud infrastructure migraiton

Our client was transitioning from a large international retail branch network to a focus on online sales. Our team led the scaling of the e-commerce platform, transitioning to flexible cloud infrastructure.

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Andy Weller

Delivery Men

Distribution: Diagnostic of critical application performance issues

Our client's business was reliant on a single critical business application which had critical performance issues. We understood an in-depth technical investigation to identify the root cause.

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Andy Weller