Our experienced consultants work across six key sectors

Private Equity

We assist clients;​

  • Pre acquistion, by underktaing IT Due Diligence evaluating the improvements required to Information Technology to enable growth.

  • Post acquistion, by building pragmatic and data driven Value Creation Plans that clearly outline how growth will be enabled. 


We assist clients;

  • Launch new digital sales platforms, 

  • Enable omni-channel delivery,

  • Improve insights around customers to create 'a single view of a customer'.


We assist clients;

  • Exploit technological advances including telehealth and telediagnostics,

  • Develop innovative new business models including launching new digital platforms.

Financial Services

We assist clients;

  • Take advantage of new technologies such as cloud computing (IAAS and PAAS) to deliver agility,

  • Develop new operating models to meet compliance requirements whilst delivering significant cost reductions.


We assist clients;​​​

  • Develop new digital platforms to support improved customer service through delivery of notificaiton and status updates,

  • Decommission legacy platforms and reduce costs,

  • Develop agile systems and integrate into customer supply chains.

Higher Education

We assist clients;

  • Support growth including global expansion,

  • Improve the experience they provide to students.

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