Implementing Design Governance to accelerate solution delivery

We help organisations reduce the time it takes to deliver new technology solutions through improving the technical design process

Over time, better technical design leads to increased agility

Traditionally technology enhancements are driven forward by individual teams focused on delivering individual projects or products. This focus on a single part of the technology landscape results in decisions that optimise short term delivery but often lead to 'temporary fixes' that create complexity for the next project or team. Team members move on, leaving the temporary fix in place. Many enhancements later the technology landscape is a patchwork of ad-hoc temporary fixes. 

Over time changes to systems take longer. Investigations are required to work out how systems actually work. Old 'temporary fixes' are discovered and need unexpectedly re-engineering. 

Businesses that have robust design governance have simple processes in place to ensure temporary measures are limited and maintain good discipline across all project teams. This ensures that delivery timelines continue to be minimised.

Simple, pragmatic governance can be quickly implemented


Dramatic improvements can be achieved through setting the right design process, with standardised templates, developing design standards and mobilising design review governance. This governance works best with broad business engagement to ensure the right areas of evaluation are undertaken in addition to the normal technical disciplines. Organisations really benefit from broader engagement with internal experts in data privacy, information security and procurement. 

Overly prescriptive governance processes will results in design governance to be ignored or rejected by the organisation. A careful balance has to be struck.

Our Services

Our team work with businesses to implement pragmatic governance  We provide the following services

Key Insights

Increase solution reuse to reduce time to market

Set standards to minimise architecture complexity

Ensure solutions are not over engineered


Implementing a pragmatic design review process in Agile teams, Waterfall programmes and projects as well as business as usual change activities.


Building Enterprise and Solution Architecture capability in client organisations through our training programme.



Persona and journey development including wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

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Government: Establishing Design Governance to drive Agile development and enable data sharing

Our team established design governance to improve data sharing across government by developing and promoting common data and architectural standards. This integrated with the Agile SDLC.

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Andy Weller

Startup Development Team

Retail: Pragmatic Design Governance to accelerate solution delivery and reduce time to market

Within 3 months our team established a standard design process and formalised design reviews, leading to clearer expectations from project teams and wider business buy-in to solutions.

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Andy Weller

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Logistics: Setting up Design Governance to reduce complexity and cost

This global company has a massive, ageing and complex technology landscape. Our team established an architecture governance process and comprehensive set of standards to drive reduced complexity and cost.

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Andy Weller