Developing customer insight to increase revenue

We help organisations develop insights that lead to increased customer satisfaction, revenue and improved service delivery

Customer Insight is essential to develop successful products and services

Understanding customers needs is essential to developing successful products or services. Customers are not a homogeneous group with a single set of requirements. Different customer segments will have differing requirements for accessing and consuming products. Tailoring products to individual or multiple segments enables businesses to create highly relevant and sticky products. 

Customer insight can drive increased share of wallet

Customers are increasingly provided with greater choice and alternatives for their purchasing decisions.  For businesses to maintain or increase their share of wallet, they need to understand customers purchasing behaviour so they can provide the right product or service at the right place or time.  This requires organisations to create deep and unique insights from the organisation's interactions with its customers. 

Operational insights can drive improved merchandising

Organisations can also benefit from using these business intelligence capabilities to develop insights into the organisation's operational performance. For retail businesses, ensuring that the right stock is available at the right location is critical for maximising revenue.  In addition, identifying the right time to offer discounts help businesses maximise the value of stock.

Our Services

Our experienced consultants can help build unique insight in your organisation through;

Key Insights

Consumer insight can enable the design of better products and services

Insight into purchasing behaviour can drive increased share of consumers wallet

Better merchandising insight can increase revenue through better stock availability and pricing



We help organisations build internal business intelligence capability. In partnership, we design, recruit and mobilise teams that can develop powerful insights in an organisations data.



We help organisations understand their end-to-end performance, where process pain points are incurring additional cost or delaying time to market.




We help organisations understand customers' needs and behaviours. We help organisation develop insights that enable better service provision, more sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

Image by Blake Wisz

Retail: Building a business intelligence capability to reduce product time to market

Our customer wanted to reduce the team to develop and ship products to the right market. Our team transformed an internal reporting team into a business intelligence capability.


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Guy Mason

In the Supermarket

Retail : Building a business intelligence capability to improve customer insight

Our customer wanted to improve their understanding of consumer behaviour to improve merchandising. Our team designed, recruited and mobilise the customer insights team.


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Guy Mason