Designing compelling omnichannel customer experiences

We help clients identify user needs, design and build customer experiences that improve customer satisfaction 

Key Challenges

Increasingly customers expect seamless service experiences across an organisation digital channels and physical stores or service centres. Delivering a high-quality customer experience, with different user needs, multiple browser types, devices and geographies is difficult to achieve. ​ We help organisations;

  • Design and build new digital services including e-commerce platforms, point of sale system and government digital services. We ensure these platforms meet user needs are compelling, easy to use and accessible. 

  • We also help organisations optimise existing digital platforms to drive increased adoption of digital channels and improved outcomes such as increased sales or digital service usage.

Our Services

Our experienced consultants can increase your organisation's digital service adoption and increase customer satisfaction through;



Qualitative and quantitative research into users needs, including web platform analytics and social listening. 


Persona and journey development including wireframes and interactive prototypes.


Style guide and template design through to content standards development and professional content production.

Examples of the benefits we've delivered to clients

Image by Taisiia Stupak

Government: Designing national Customer journeys to deliver better services to citizens

Our client wanted to dramatically improve, across government the digital services provided to citizens. Our team developed citizen journeys for 7 key sectors to identify the areas of improvement.

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Andy Weller


Retail: Building customer journey design capability across operational and software engineering teams.

Our team developed and embedded a customer journey design methodology that integrated sales performance, prioritisation of new product features and engineering improvements. 

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Andy Weller