We provide Technology Advisory to Government, Retail companies and Private Equity funds

Digital Decision is a specialist consultancy focusing on technology-led transformation to support growth and value creation

Our outcome-focused approach, tools and client engagement is the driver of our track record of success.

We work with; 


  • Designing and building new digital services that improve citizen access to public sector services.

  • Increasing citizen satisfaction by optimising the user experience of existing digital services.

  • Exploiting technology to improve information sharing, build insights and reduce costs. 


  • Launching new digital products and services to better serve customers and increase revenue.

  • Scaling digital platforms to manage increasing demand.

  • Optimising customer experience to increase sales.

  • Using data analytics to drive better insights into customer needs and behaviour.

  • Supporting business-critical digital platforms and operations applications.

private equity

  • Undertaking Technology Due Diligence to identify potential areas of value and risk of acquisition targets.

  • Undertaking Cybersecurity Due Diligence to ensure customer data is appropraitely protected.

  • To develop Technology Strategies / Value Creation Plans to unlock the value in their acquisitions.

  • To support exit activities.

With all our clients we work with them to build digital capability and help their teams succeed. 

Guy Mason



Leads on;

IT Leadership, Business Transformation and

 OnDemand Resourcing

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Andy Weller

Leads on;

Technology Strategy, Digital Strategy, Due Diligence and Technology Roadmap

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